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Workflow Analysis

At the center of the design of an EMR solutions is a complete understanding of how the facility is to operate.  To achieve this a through articulation of the workflow is required.  There are several key components needed to achieve and manage the design foundation.

Three document sets are needed to move from requirements to deployment;

  1. Design Specifications
  2. Needs Requirement Analysis
  3. Current State Operating Procedures
  4. Workflow analysis
  5. Functional Specifications
  6. Proposed Application Solution Workflow Documentation
  7. Workflow Delta Analysis; requirements vs. abilities
  8. Technical Specifications
  9. Technical Analysis of Proposed Solution
  10. Detailed Technical Specifications of all Gaps
  11. Business Requirements Overlay
  12. Deployment Release Candidate Summary
  13. Work Breakdown Structure

The derivative of the initiatives specification materials are five foundational management tools which will guide the projects mission;

  1. Benefits Realization
  2. Resource Requirements Management
  3. Risk Management and Mitigation
  4. Communications Strategy and Tactical Tool Sets
  5. Budget Management and Fiscal Controls


The methodology is to fully document and control the migration from a defined current state to a designed future state while managing the detailed steps and accountability controls.