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Meeting Management Kit

The Meeting Management Kit (MMK) represents a complete methodology for the collection and communication of all design materials for the EHR deployment.  The MMK provides for a controlled timeline from beginning to end of an interface and conversion initiative.  It encompasses all major milestones required to develop the design materials needed to design, develop, communicate progress, and transition to production.


  1. Initiation planning
  2. Preparedness checklist review
  3. Meeting Go / No Go
  4. Hosting of the meeting
  5. Document assembly
  6. Vetting of all appropriate materials (drawings, maps, documents, etc.)
  7. Signoff

During the meeting, three distinct segments should be adhered to.


  1. The first is the introduction and briefing segment.  The expectations and objectives will be discussed.  It will take approximately 15 minutes.
  2. The body of the meeting is devoted to discussion the details of the interface or conversion.  This segment will consume 90 percent of the meetings time.  The primary output (work product) of this meeting is the Systems Requirements Specification (SRS) document.  As much of the SRS as can be, should be completed prior to the meeting.  The remaining SRS content will be captured during the meeting body segment.  The SRS should be opened up and the focus of the discussions.  Completing this document real-time during the dialog will provide a fast track to getting these materials completed.
  3. The Closing dialog segment should include next steps with issue ownership.  Changes to the program plan file should be provided to the PMO for entry.  This should take approximately 15 minutes.