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In the manufacture of durable goods, the customer service model needs to include the return of equipment which needs to be repaired or replaced.  The business requirements lead to sophisticated technology solutions which in turn need to serve the business.

Return Materials Authorization systems fit seamlessly with manufacturing environments and accommodate extra data collection and tracking.  Knowing when a product was manufactured, what components parts were used to build it, the versions of firmware, and if the item was registered are critical to future work on that item.

With expensive items like durable medical equipment, ownership of a specific product is common.  Even low cost items like personal computers require repair history logging but may only need a like item in return.

S L Fritz Consulting is specialized in;

  • Diagnostic testing databases
  • Product line upgrade prompting
  • Engineering change order overlays
  • Component life cycle management
  • Component part sourcing databases
  • Unauthorized materials authorization
  • Repair-and-return or replace-with-like-kind
  • Serialized materials tracking with repair histories
  • Warranty and out-of-warranty repair management
  • Insurance claims management – extended warranty
  • Full Sales order, Repair Order, Purchase Order interlinking
  • Individual or master (gang) packing and inventorying functionality