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Performance Enhancement Project

Understand the Suboptimal Performance Experience. This entails qualifying and quantifying the systems performance.  These numbers are important to measure the exact experience rather than relying on anecdotal measurements like ‘extremely slow’ or ‘twice as bad’.  These empirical numbers are required to show the improvements that will be achieved.

Create an As-Is diagram.  What is in place today.  The application should undergo a ‘Health Check’ which plays an important role in the as-is analysis plus it base lines what the solutions performance should be.

Analyze the transactions types that flow through EMR.  Scanning a document has a different impact on the network then the entry of a progress note.  Building a data highway that understands the transaction types, sizes, and frequencies are important cogs in building a full-speed engine.

Establish the infrastructure to support EMR.  Implement performance monitoring tools and technologies.  Partly so non-technical teams can see what is happening to the environment and partly so the technical staff can have data to assist in predicting future capacity and performance problems.  This exercise must keep them from interfering with the daily business of seeing patients.

Align the workflow with the configuration.  Review of the configuration of the application is essential to insuring the intended use of the software is maintained.  As recommendations are considered, the daily operating procedures and interactions with the application cannot be compromised.  If technological changes are needed, training may be needed to accommodate the shift in the overall solution.

The integration of a fail over plan. Deploy a solution that can be used on command when the primary systems are off-line.  The business continuity strategy must take into account the core information desired by the providers and be ready for use without undue delays.