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Patient Portal
Help Desk
Paper and Reports Managem
Patient Information Excha
MPI Clean Up
Business Continuity
Central Billing Office
Training and Education
Meeting Management
Infrastructure Build Out
Enterprise Data Hub
Change Management
Patient Relationship Mana
Accountable Care Orginiza
Behavioral Health
Project Issues Management
Workflow Analysis
Performance Enhancement P
Durable Medical Equipment
Ambulatory Services
Program Management Office

Strategic Healthcare Practice Service Offerings Summary 


Help Desk



  •  Call Avoidance
  • Trouble Ticket Management
  • Self-learning history analysis metrics

Patient Portal



  • On-Line store
  • Clinical Trial
  • Exceeds meaningful use standards

Forms & Reports Management



  • Paper Medical Records
  • Downtime Procedure Solutions
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration

 Patient Relationship Management (PRM)



  • Tactical communications tools for the care management team
  • Works in tandem with the Patient Portal infrastructure
  • Centered on all outbound interaction with the patient and their support network


  •  SharePoint Web Presents
  •  Steering Committee Interlocks
  •  Governance Modeling



  • Interacts with state supported patient information exchanges
  • Provides inbound and outbound data feeds based on enterprise configurations
  • Segregated from the MPI as trusted an information source 



  • Structured design specification methodology
  • Templates for a complete approach
  • Interlinked with the project communications strategy Interlocked with PMO

MPI Clean-up


  • Pre EMR Implementation
  • Post EMR Duplicate Avoidance
  • Interfaced with enhanced registration procedures 

 Education and Training


  • Curriculum development and skills testing
  • Developed in concert with quality measures
  • Deployed in the classroom and continuing education solutions
  • Integrated Computer Based Training (CBT) and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Enterprise Middleware Data Hub


  • Centralized application data distribution hub management
  • Complete delivery authentication
  • Interlinked patient portal and patient relationship management

 Technology Infrastructure Build Out


  • Server deployment and optimizations analysis
  • Desktop / Laptop Standardized Deployment Platform
  • Monitoring and Performance Enhancement SLA Controls

 Change Control Management


  • Application instance management
  • Change control systems
  • Code development, deployment, backup approach
 Behavioral Health Care


  • Managing the vast collection of documents involved
  • Individual or group care models
  • Employee information security frameworks
Ambulatory Practice Solutions Services


  • Selection, Workflow, Design, Build
  • Quality, Training, Deployment, Transition
  • Version 1.x, 2.0, Future State Platforms
  • Technology Infrastructure Build Out
  • FTE uplift budget projections
Central Billing Office


  • Centralized coding and claims management
  • An economy-of-scale for back-office corporate resources
  • Single control point for all payer interactions and controls


Workflow Analysis



  • Design Specifications
  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical Specifications

 Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Fail Over


  • Provides for a multi-layer capacity to continue to provide care to patients
  • Fully integrated downtime catch-up technology set to capture care information
  • Automatically populating localized minimal information sets 

Accountable Care Organization (ACO)


  • Coordinated with the Affordable Care Act
  • Supplemental stimulus money from the federal government
  • Modeled for a one, two, or three year program investment

Home Health


  • Agency Management
  • Staff Management
  • Payer Management
  • Patient Management

 Enterprise Application Issues Management 

  • Bugs, enhancements, request, suggestion management
  • Resource, skills assignment
  • Automated task delegation
  • Email tracking and time management tools
  • Closed loop process management ranging from issue capture, to assignment, to progress tracking, to resolution 

Computer Telephony Integration - Integrated Voice Recognition


  •  Outbound Call Management
  • Inbound Call Routing
  • Patient Information Editing
  • Fax Management Systems
  • Email follow-up
  • Patient Portal Integration   

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • Manufacturing to Patient Accounting Integration
  • Warranty Management – replace with like kind or repair and return
  • Supplemental supplies and accessories management 

Performance Enhancement Project



  • Application Responsiveness Analysis
  • Data optimization
  • Technology Optimization
  • Communications Pipe Analysis and Enhancement
  • Preferred Application Use