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Materials Management is a very finely tuned craft.  Areas of expertise include purchasing, dock management, product put-away, order management, pick routing, order materials collection, packaging, sales order interfacing, shipping manifesting, route optimizing, building/department/storage delivery management, replenishment, and inventory controls.  The knowledge of how to manage reusable materials, consumables, controlled substances, returns, seasonal products, shelf life, quarantined, inspection points, and other materials add to the skill inventory of a good organization and its staff.


Purchasing materials to be delivered to a range of storage facilities is a sophisticated art.  Put away strategies must work seamlessly with future order pick models.


Picking locations greatly impact the order to cash cycle especially if you provide for intricate travel paths in your distribution center.  Picking to tubs, boxes, wheeled racks, using outsourced shipping companies or your own fleet is simplified by integrated computer solutions.


Order management with S L Fritz Consulting can include consolidated order rollups, backorders, automated replenishment, and order quantity bump ups or downs.



 S L Fritz Consulting provides solutions for;



  • Integrated accounting controls – AP, AR, SO
  • Multi geography warehousing networks
  • Outsourced delivery venues and in-house Fleet manifesting
  • Sophisticated Storage, Put Away, Pick, Pack configurations
  • Min-Max order manipulation in real-time
  • Replenishment automation to triggers, seasons, and trends
  • Integrated warranty, RMA, disposal, and controls
  • Integration with patient billing and inventory levels – Healthcare
  • Integrated point-of-sale distribution, recall, transfer controls
  • On-Line Store interconnects with payment controls
  • Replacements, substations, companion, and kitting models